How flinc can make you happy

Meet nice people

Drive from door to door

Passengers are picked up at their front door and will be taken to their exact destination. Drivers find more suitable passengers due to the section negotiation at flinc.
Save money every day

Save plenty of money

Share your own car or just leave it at home. That way you can save several hundreds of euros per month, depending on your route.
Comfortably reach your destination

Travel safely

Reliability and confidence are important to us. Therefore all flinc users are registered with an e-mail address and phone number.
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You can use flinc as an app or a desktop version

Share your rides - via web and app

flinc is really easy to use. This is how it works:

Offer or search
Enter a ride offer or ride search at flinc: Start, destination, time, done!
flinc will automatically find somebody
flinc will automatically find somebody nearby with a suitable destination.
Somebody wants to share a ride with you - message
Somebody wants to share a ride with you - we will immediately send you a message!
flinc together
Confirm and look forward to your flinc ride.

More than 350,000 people already use flinc!

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