flinc for drivers

From door to door

Forget inconvenient and confusing to reach pickup points. With flinc, you collect your passengers directly at a specific address.

Partial routes

flinc finds passengers also for partial routes without you needing to manually enter via points.

Travel safely

All flinc users have a verified mobile number and email address. You can contact them directly and personally.

Easy ride negotiation

Passengers request you directly via flinc. You will be notified via text message, email or push notification. You just press a button to confirm the request with pickup location and time.

Save money every day

Just offer your regular rides at flinc. That way you can share your rides every day, for example on your commute to work and really save money.

Integrated in Navigon

flinc is already integrated in Navigon for iOS and Android. Your ride will automatically be offered at flinc. Potential passengers can request a ride with you while on the road and will be displayed directly on your Navigon GPS.

Start now and offer your first ride!

More than 350,000 people are already using flinc.