flinc in comparison to traditional city-to-city carpooling services

Usable anytime and everywhere

Traditional city-to-city carpooling services have their strength in long rides that are planned in advance. However, these kinds of rides make up only 20% of our usual rides. flinc is suitable for 100% of all possible routes – everywhere you need to go – in rural areas, in the city and all over Europe.

Increased probability of successful ride negotiations

The flinc algorithm locates passengers on the entire route of the driver. Therefore, the probability of successful ride arrangements increases in comparison to traditional ride arrangement services, as they are locating passengers only at the start point and destination of the driver. The driver will also be shown the detour to the pick up location of the passenger.

Safety within the mobility network

Get connected with flinc users that you already know and build your own network of trust. See where your friends travel and move together. Help us build a new and safe means of transportation that leads to low priced and environment-friendly mobility.

The unique selling points of flinc in detail

Ride negotiations for short and long distances

flinc not only negotiates rides between Munich and Hamburg, Moscow and Madrid, but also for your daily commute, for example, between Dieburg and Darmstadt. flinc is not only suitable for routes between major cities, but also for rural areas and can be considered an addition to local public transport.

Long-term scheduled ride negotiations and regular rides

Whether it is a ride negotiation within 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days, flinc finds suitable drivers or passengers. Just enter a ride offer or ride search and flinc will inform you via email, text message or push notification, as soon as a ride negotiation can be offered.

Specific addresses and location-independent

flinc works everywhere, whether it’s in major cities or in rural areas. With flinc, you enter your exact point of departure and destination, not just the city. This way, the driver and passenger can locate each other easily.

Ride negotiation on the complete route of the driver

flinc can find ride arrangements on the entire route of the driver. If someone drives from Frankfurt to Munich, flinc can also offer a ride from Stuttgart to Ulm – automatically.

Safe ride arrangements through an independent network of trust

If you are a flinc user, you can get connected to other flinc users that you trust. You can also rate every driver and passenger after a ride. This way you will show other flinc users if you would go on another ride with this person or not. If you want, flinc will only negotiate rides with people within your network of trust. You can build up your network at flinc.org. flinc also offers you the possibility to get connected with your Facebook friends in your flinc network.

Ride negotiations for rural areas

As flinc can negotiate rides from all possible addresses and for short distances. It is suitable as a carpooling service for rural areas. flinc can be considered an addition to local public transport, i.e. as a shuttle to your train or bus.

Ride negotiations for commuters and regular rides

Commuters can create regular ride offers and ride searches with little effort in just one step. Once you have created the ride, you will be informed automatically as soon as there is a potential ride negotiation. This way you will minimize your effort and you will also find drivers and passengers for daily rides.

Navigation integration

flinc is integrated in all NAVIGON navigation systems (iOS, Android). Drivers can receive ride requests even during their ride. The navigation system will redirect the driver to the pick-up point and the destination of the passenger with just one click. Watch video

Calculation of the detour and arrival time

As flinc works with Navteq digital maps, the detour, as well as the departure and arrival time can be displayed for all possible ride negotiations. This will inform you exactly about your actual effort for the ride negotiation.

Comfortable organization of the ride negotiation

Compared to traditional carpooling services you do not have to search for a driver or a passenger by yourself. You just create a ride offer or ride search and flinc will inform you automatically as soon as a suitable ride negotiation can be offered. In the options menu, you can enter the means of communication that you prefer to be informed by (email, text message or push notification).

Innovative algorithm to search for a driver or passenger

The flinc algorithm considers real digital maps by Navteq to find ride negotiations and will be able to negotiate rides throughout the entire route of the driver.

DriveNow (carsharing) integration

flinc and DriveNow, the growing carsharing service of the BMW group and Sixt AG, together reach a new level of mobility: For the first time, ridesharing and carsharing are combined. This means that your ride with a DriveNow vehicle can automatically be offered to other flinc users and vice versa. - flinc displays nearby DriveNow vehicles.