The flinc team

With your help we want to change mobility.

Our goal and the path to achievement

We developed flinc to change mobility. We are tired of complaining about high gas bills and do not understand why there is no flexibility without a car in rural areas. We have no desire to have further discussions with the outcome: "There are no alternatives to a car." Instead of complaining, we want to finally change something.

Each of us is certain that we can create a more flexible and environmental friendly mobility by using existing resources to their full capacity. The preconditions were never better than today.

We are working according to the method of agile software development and using state of the art technologies (Rails 4, Ruby 2 …). We are trying to create a system that everybody will benefit from.

We are always looking for outstanding developers in the Rhine-Main area. If you want to become a member of the flinc team, please contact Michael via email.